A neckpiece of rare fur from a small animal was a popular fashion statement during the 15th and 16th Centuries. In Italy, they were called zibellini (or zibellino if it was only one). The head and feet was decorated with gold filigree and set with jewels. The most popular jewels were diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds. Often the head and feet were competely removed and replaced with gold ones embellished with jewels. A length of gold chain secured the fur piece to the girdle or bodice. This fur collar was called a "flea-fur" because it was believed to attract those noxious insects and contain them in one spot instead of having them roam about a person's body!

Because each one of these animals are unique in size and color, please contact us for a list of available flea-furs before ordering. We rescue and restore these minks from old mink stoles, giving them a new purpose. These flea-furs will be discontinued as soon as the our current supply is gone. As soon as they are made they will be listed in our Etsy Shop.

Mink Flea-Furs - Limited Stock!

A real mink fur makes a unique accessories when embellished on the head and feet with a synthetic jeweled muzzle and ankle jewels. It has a chain attached to the muzzle for hanging from a girdle or brooch.

The styles pictured are no longer available. We have a newer improved design and will be adding pictures soon. Contact us if you are interested in handmade pearl/crystal designs that are similar to those by Erasmus Hornig in the 16th c.

Mink Fleafur

Our current supply of Flea Furs can be found in our Etsy Shop!
Clearance and One-of-A-Kind


In the Middle Ages, people loved strong scents, believing them to be wholesome and a protection against infectious diseases; the stronger the odor the greater the virtue attributed to it. The pomander is just one of the ways perfumes could be carried on the body. Men and women alike carried them around their necks or suspended from their girdles. They could be as simple as cloves in an orange to works of art made of gold and decorated with jewels.

Pomander Cases

Add spices or perfume to this velvet-covered tea ball pomander for protection from the diseases carried by those lowly peasants. Adorning it with your choice of trims will make this pomander uniquely yours! (medallions will vary) It hangs from a chain for attaching to a belt or brooch so you will have it handy when an evil air comes your way.

We will supply a Pomander Scent Ball recipe, but you can just add cloves for an easy fix!

This item will be discontinued as soon as our current supplies are gone.
They will be listed in our Etsy Shop as they are completed.
Clearance and One-of-A-Kind
Pearl Pomander
Metal Color
Mesh Pomander
Metal Color
Medalion Pomander
Metal Color

ATTENTION: Fans, fleafurs and other handmade fragile accessories will not be accepted for refunds
since we can not be held responsible for the handling and use of these items
once they are received by the customer.

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