Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492 and by the end of the 16th century he had completed four voyages to the New World. During that same time period Cortes conquered the Aztecs of Centeral America and a number of expeditions had ventured into what is now known as the American Southwest in the United States with Coronado being the most notable in 1540. Both coasts had been visited by explorers as well.

This collection of jewelry consists of items that would have been great treasures from the local cultures to take home to Europe to represent the riches found in the New World across the Western Sea. Many are reproductions of originals found in private collections and museums in North and South America. Others are originals designs using elements found in the original pieces. Any of these items would give you reason to boast of your treasure from the New World the next time you are at court.
Spiny Oyster Jewelry Set
Magnificent pieces of jewelry fit for Mayan royalty! Spiny oyster shell cut into the traditional trapezoid shape have small shell disc separating them to form a double strand necklace. Matching Earrings in two Styles!
Spiny Oyster Necklace
Traditional Earrings
Loop Earrings
Turquoise Disc Set
Made of up turquoise flat round stone beads separated with turquoise spacer discs, this set would make any Aztec proud to wear them. The center stone is 50mm and the other ones are 25mm so it makes a bold fashion statement. It is closed with a heavy duty toggle. The earrings are made of the 25mm beads.
Turquoise Disc Necklace
Turquoise Disc Earrings
Layered Bone Necklace
Layered bone discs make this three strand necklace absolutely stunning! White squares with brown bone circles are separated with brown rondelles and white round beads to give it a nice curve to hug your neck. Bracelets are available in white squares with brown disc or large brown disc with smaller white disc layered on top.
Layered Bone Necklace
Layered Bone Bracelets
Cowrie Shell Necklace
Cowrie shells were used for money in a number of cultures. This necklasce is made of split top cowrie shells and carnelian beads on a macrame cord.
Cowrie Shell Necklace

Not all the gold was melted down and shipped back to the Queen of Spain! Some was hidden away from the invaders and I'm sure some was stashed away for the trip back home for its boasting power.

Long before the arrival of the Europeans and others, the native people of Latin America had mastered many metallurgical techniques, including mining, hammering, and casting gold to produce jewelry, ornaments, masks and other items. In ancient Latin America gold symbolized power and spiritual wealth but was never used for money. The Smithsonian's National Meseum of the American Indian has many examples of pre-Columbian gold in its collection. Our selection of pre-Columbian style jewelry is reflective of this collection.
Traditional Style Gold Necklace
This goldtone necklace is made up of the traditional trapezoid shape and flat disc spacers.
Only one in stock!
Traditional Style Gold Necklace
Panama Frog Necklace
Throughout Latin America, frogs are associated with rain and water. Frog symbolism is commonly used in ceremonies to bring rain. The frog jewelry and figurine is adapted from a cast gold originally found in Chiriqui, Panama, that dates to AD 1000-1200.

This necklace is made of gold plated pewter and black onxy tube and round shaped beads with gold disc spacers. It measures 21" in length with each frog measuring 3/4" in both directions.
1000-1200 AD
Chiriqui Panama
Panama Frog Necklace
Galactic Butterfly Pendant
This symbol represents the center of the Milky Way and is called the "Galactic Butterfly" or Hunan-Ku, where all things originate according to the ancient Mayans. It is 24k gold triple-plated sterling silver (vermeil). It measures approximately 1 3/4" square and is on an 18" chain.
Galactic Butterfly Pendant
Aztec Turtle Earrings
These turtles have Aztec designs on their shells. They are made of 24k gold plated sterling silver (vermeil) and measure approximately one inch excluding the earring wire.
Aztec Turtle Earrings
Colombian Lizard Brooch
The peoples of the Quimbaya culture lived in the gold-rich valley of the Cauca River in Colombia and were the finest goldsmiths of South America. Their style emphasized realism. Gold objects were sacred and worn with reverence or offered to their gods. This piece measures 2 1/2" in length and 3/4" in width.
Colombian Lizard Brooch

Peruvian Cat Jewelry
This jewelry, from the south coast of Peru, is based on a detail from an ovoid vase depicting the Paracas mythological Oculate Being, a composite image with fox, feline, killer whale and bird attributes. The brooch measures 1 1/2 x 1 1/2". The earrings and pendant measure 3/4 x 3/4".
250 BC - 125 AD
Lowe Art Museum - University of Miami
Peruvian Cat Brooch
Peruvian Cat Pendant
Peruvian Cat Earrings

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