Skill with a needle was a desired trait for ladies during the Renaissance. Even high-born women did needlework as an acceptable activity and it was an honest profession for the middle class female. The actual tailoring of outer garments was considered a male profession but making embroidering trim on undergarments (chemises and shirts) was usually done by women. Queen Elizabeth left a number of embroideried items in her inventory.....gloves, book covers, sweet bags, coifs, sleeves. The list would be quite large if we tried to mention all items that contained needlework because the Renaissance populace was quite fond of embellishment.
Patterns: Book of Embroidery - 1534
Johan Schartzenberger

A facsimile of one of the earliest pattern books, consisting of border patterns inspired by organic forms from nature and mythology as well as many counterchange patterns.
42 pages - paperback
LH211534 Pattern Book$14.00
Patterns: Embroidery - Early 16th C.
Claude Nourry

An unabridged reprint of four early 16th c. French pattern books.
144 pages - paperback
LE7216th c. Pattern Book$20.00
The Complete Book of Tatting
Rebecca Jones

Detailed instructions for 5 basic methods of tatting with patterns and projects for both beginner and expert. All designs are charted for ease of working. In-depth instruction given for Needle Tatting.
112 pages - paperback
BA02Complete Book of Tatting$20.00
Filet Lace:
Techniques for Embrodiery on Net
Edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

The techniques of net darning with a collection of patterns from original 1920's sources. Included are reproductions of both volumes of the rare DMC LA BRODERIE SUR LACIS. 112 pages - paperback
LE90Filet Lace$20.00
Royal & Historic Gloves & Shoes
W. B. Redfern

Gloves and shoes viewed from a historical perspective from medieval times, where their main function was as an ornamental accessory of church and state. Reproduction of the original 1904 edition.
219 pages - paperback
LH23Royal & Historical Gloves & Shoes$28.00
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