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Nicole Hunsche, New York

...I got my accessories today (silver girdle mirror and feather fan and purse) and I love them! Thanks so much for being so accomodating.
Nicole Hunsche, NY

...I received the hood today and can't thank you enough. It's one of the few things my daughter wants and needs - and doesn't have a clue is coming. This wouldn't be possible without your quick response and service. I'm sure you know this, but you have an extraordinary reputation for very high quality merchandise. It's a great tribute that your service is every bit as good.....
Beth White, GA

...What a great business there - This personal contact has been delightful and I thank you, dear Gwen. Have a good weekend.....

Lady Chiara Lucia di Nicola, East Kingdom
Janet De Luca, NY
...WOW! I am thrilled! The flea fur and pomander are just beautiful and arrived so quickly. Thank you so much! The flea fur is particularly lovely... I love the color, and feel fine about wearing it now that I now what your approach to making them is...honoring the spirit of the animal and using their physical bodies for another purpose...Certainly what we are doing with them is better and more honorable than discarding the old fur pieces they came from.

...My pomander and flea fur were such a hit at coronation...Particularly the flea fur!!! It looked so lovely with my Elizabethan gown!

I love my Monastery Mirror...Oh my God, it is just gorgeous! Just amazing. The second flea fur is gorgeous... I am so thrilled with everything I have received from you!
Lady Chiara Lucia di Nicola
East Kingdom
Janet De Luca, NY

Nicole Hunsche, New York

...This shows me wearing your velvet flat cap with gold beads, which I paired with one of your metallic net snoods. With this ensemble I also wore the matching pouch as well as a large ostrich feather fan and girdle mirror both by you as well. I think the right accessories go a long way to finish an ensemble and yours certainly did the trick! Thanks again!
Nicole Hunsche, NY

...Just a quick note to let you know I received the doublet a couple of weeks ago and it is beautiful! I love it and it fits and works like a dream. Thank you so much for your excellent work.....
Valerie Layne
Basia of the East Kingdom
...Thank you, thank you, thank you! The outfit you made for me is simply *amazing*. I love it. I knew you did amazing work, but this was beyond my expectations. It's beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. When I came to the office and saw the box, I could not wait to get home to try it out. It fit perfectly. Thank you so very very very much for the work and the care you put into it! I don't think I'll ever stop gushing at the wonderful job you did and how thoughtful you were! Thank you again.

So much did I love the outfit, I took a picture right away to show all my friends!...I must say that the friends of mine who've seen my picture all say how wonderful that outfit looks. Some are quite jealous!

PS - My husband's shirt fit exactly as he wanted too! He's very pleased.

Basia of the East Kingdom

Gianetta Lucia Alegretta
East Kingdom
Laurie Boullianne, NY

...I just received my girdle book and I'm SO excited!! It's just beautiful... more so than I imagined. I'm going to enjoy wearing it as part of my outfit. I love that it's so authentic. Thank you again for your prompt replies and reliable service. I'll definitely give you all the credit when asked where my little book was purchased...I'll (also) definitely keep you in my bookmarked favorites!!
Heather Gibson, Ohio

...I just wanted to say how excited I am that I found your website? I have ordered many things in the past from your mail catalogue and have always loved your merchandise. I have to say that I am constantly surfing the web for good Renaissance accessories and yours are the best by far! I am going to bookmark your page.
Nicole Hunsche, NY

Maureen Chalmers, CT

...Received the jewelry today - it's great! The pieces will be adorning Elizabethan costumes at Hampton Court Palace during the special events which are taking place there next year, I'm sure they will look splendid...Please do let me know if you bring anything new out, especially C15th/C16th stuff...Thank you very much.
Ninya Mikhaila, England

...I am writing to thank you for the fast service I received on my order. I received the heirloom magnifying glass pendant last Friday. A rare find today, receiving such excellent service. Be sure that I will recommend your website to all my family and friends. Thank you once again.
Jane K. Clague, Pennsylvania

Maureen Chalmers, CT

...We are using these hats for a production of Pinocchio. We need the extra hat to put the donkey ears on the actor...I will use two of your hat designs in my costumes - the Italian laced hat for Pinocchio and the 4-corner laced hat for Gepetto. They look great on stage! I'm very pleased with them! ...The production is being performed by The Deaf Access Company of the Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts, located outside of Washington, DC. The theatre is dedicated to the perfoming arts for the disabled...This year the focus is on the Italian Commedia dell'Arte from the Italian Renaissance...The company will come on stage and explain the theatre movement and then go into a performance of Pinocchio. The actors will be signing part of the script in Italian - quite an undertaking!...The show opens the end of January and will tour for about 4 months...Thanks again.
Kathleen Farasy
Cornucopia Costumes, MD

Travis Hutchens, Alaska

...I was delighted to receive my doublet and venetians last week. Not only are they here in advance of the time I was hoping, but the fit and guality are superb. I'll definitely be recommending you to others! Thanks again.
Adam of Isenfir, Atlantia
Adam Holmes, VA

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...Most clothing merchants have either fighter garb or court garb. I have found that Gipsy Peddler (A Division of Palace Gallery) has been able to put together wonderful, sturdy fighter garb that is fancy enough for the highest court. And where I have had to replace many fighter pants and shirts from other merchants, I have had no problems with Gipsy Peddler's garb in the 4 years I have worn them and have not had to replace anthing! As Storvik's Baronial Rapier Champion, I have had the pleasure of using a cloak made by the Gipsy Peddler. I didn't think of using one before, but when I step down from my appointment, I will definitely order one for myself!
Lord Athalwolf Ironhand, Atlantia
Tom Ashley, MD

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