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Max, Captain Morgan, Raven and Mike

Corbin de la Rue, Meridies
(John Wagner, Tennessee)
...Here is a (slightly) better picture of the outfit you made for me. Feel free to use either one for your patrons page...(I decided to use both!)... Thanks for the great garb. Everyone goes out of their way to compliment me on it, and of course I always point them in your direction when they do.
Corbin de la Rue, Meridies
(John Wagner, Tennessee)

...Fantastic. Just received the doublet and white shirt in the mail. How wonderful they are. My son is very, very pleased (and I will be too one I "inherit" the white shirt).... By the way, your company is getting to be well known with us in the Korea SCA - Stronghold of the Warriors' Gate. Your products are wonderful.
Katherine du Bach, West
(Kathy DuBach, Korea)

...Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! It fits very well and arrived just in time for practice this weekend. I will definitely order from you again very soon & will pass along my recommendations to my fellows!...Oh yeah, tell everybody!
Rodney of Stormvale, MidRealm
(Rodney Castro, MI)

Anthoine Dela Croix de Rouen, Ansteorra
(Anthony Godlewski, Texas)
...I was completely impressed with the level of service, start to finish. From sending digital photos of the fabrics available, to allowing me to split my order so I could stay with the same fabric and place 2 separate orders, she worked with me every step of the way! I love the outfit and have gotten many rave reviews from people I've met. I can't recommend her garments highly enough! Thank you again. Huzzah!"
Anthoine Dela Croix de Rouen, Ansteorra
(Anthony Godlewski, Texas)

...It is a pleasure to fence in your products! It looks wonderful, feels comfortable, and doesn't restrict me in any way :-) (tho admittedly, being less heavy than the old jacket I was using, I find I notice my "missed" parries more.... Thank you for your time, and I hope to be able to do more business with you.
Brendan Firebow, East
(Bruce Kollmar, New York)

Corbin de la Rue, Meridies
(John Wagner, Tennessee)
...I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the doublet and shirt you made for me. They both fit amazingly well and I was really speechless with joy the first time I saw myself in them. I am now the best-dressed corpse on the rapier field. I never fail to recommend you to everyone that shows an interest in rapier here. If someone wants the best, it's GIPSY PEDDLER all the way!
Corbin de la Rue, Meridies
(John Wagner, Tennessee)

...After trying on the outfit, let me just say WOW!...let me see if I can expand on that...(looking in mirror again)...nope WOW! sums it up nicely. Thanks for doing a great job on the doublet and shirt.
Roland of Exiter, East
(Ron DenBleyker, New Jersey)

...I bought an outfit from you and just wore it to its first event. It wore great! I had several comment on it and was more than glad to tell any and everyone where I had gotten it...As far as the garb I bought from you goes I am more than happy with it and feel that it was made just for me ;-) It fits just so right! I thank Jack from Highland Forde for letting me know of his tailor and I thank you for being so skilled in this craft.
Richard of Foxmore, Atlantia
(Richard Fox, Maryland)

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