By the end of 15th century the mechanisms for clocks had become small enough to be worn on the person. They were engraved, enameled and jeweled in various forms, some of these shapes include eggs, crosses, octagons, skulls, shells and animals. These early watches had only an hour hand and weren't very accurate timekeepers but they were prized possessions and were always worn where they could be seen and admired. In Germany, they were at first globular, "Nuremberg Eggs," and carried or hung by a chain like a pomander. There is much debate over which country first started making them; however, during the 16th century watchmaking became a home industry in England, Switzerland, Germany and France. Switzerland, however, rapidly forged ahead and soon the Swiss people were recognized as the great watchmakers of the world.

In the latter part of the 16th century, the watches were refined enough to be set in bracelets or rings. Charles V of France possessed a tiny watch with chimes set in an earring. The goldsmith's art was at its height and watch cases and faces became works or art.

Long being looked upon as tokens of love and esteem, they were popular gifts to and from the royalty and were worn hanging from the girdle, from a chain around the neck and as brooches.


Shaped Watch Pendants

Although these watches are not reproductions of period pieces, their designs were inspired by the wide variety of shapes found in timepieces popular during the Renaissance. All pendants open to reveal a battery operated, good quality quartz movement watch tucked inside. Pull out the stem to save the battery when the watch is not in use!
Cross Watch Pendant
Crosses were a popular jewelry shape in the Renaissance. There is a cross shaped 16th century French watch pendant in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Quartz movement. Approx. 2" tall with a 28" chain.
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